Jun 20, 2018 08:55AM

Sasha Savitsky on Jun 20, 2018 08:52AM

WWE star Vader dead at 63

WWE star Vader died Monday night, his son announced on Twitter.

Sasha Savitsky on Jun 20, 2018 08:50AM

Peter Fonda tweets he wants to 'rip Barron Trump from his mother' and put him in a 'cage with pedophiles'

Actor Peter Fonda took to Twitter Wednesday to ask a mob of people to "rip Barron Trump from his mother?s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles."

Jennifer Earl on Jun 20, 2018 08:39AM

Cotton candy-colored lobster caught off Maine coast: It's the 'rarest of the rare'

A Canadian fisherman made a 1-in-100 million catch when he pulled a rainbow-colored lobster out of the water off the coast of Maine.

Rachel McRady? on Jun 20, 2018 08:36AM

Janet Jackson opens up about her 'intense struggle' with depression

Janet Jackson is speaking out.

LORNE COOK on Jun 20, 2018 08:30AM

EU countries prepare mini-summit as migration row festers

Leaders from a group of European Union countries, led by Germany and France, will meet Sunday to thrash out possible solutions to a divisive row over migrants.

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