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Tech SupportTips

Cable Outage:
If your cable TV goes out it is possibly a power outage and it will clear up without service call.  However if it lasts over 30 minutes and your neighbors have power you can generate a SERVICE CALL and have a cable company tech come out by calling 518-924-2013 or 1-800-562-1560.  Please report all outages to your cable operator immediately. We appreciate the report.

Loss of Picture & Sound on All Channels:
1.  Make certain that you have the television set to the correct INPUT by  using your remote to change from TV, AV, AV2, VIDEO, etc until you get a cable picture on the screen.
2.  If the "on screen displays" don't show on your TV you may have the TV set on the "wrong" input.
3.  Have you installed splitters or moved equipment?
4.  If you have a Digital Box is the TV set itself to channel 03

Snowy Pictures?
1.Check to see if all televisions in your home have snowy pictures. If only one does check the connections on the back your t.v. to make sure they are tight.
If you have a digital receiver make sure your t.v. is on the correct channel such as 3 or 4.
3.Have you recently added a new piece of equipment to your television such as DVD player or new video game system? Check to make sure you hooked all the components up correctly.
4.If you have run your own lines or added splitters check those. They may not be compatible with our services.

Snowy Pictures on ONE TV:
If you have fuzzy pictures on only 1 TV, the first obvious step is to check all the wires from the outlet to the TV.  This is usually the problem.
2.  Make sure that the connector on it is in good shape, is screwed onto the splitter properly, etc
3.  If everything checks out, then the line running form the junction or the splitter to the cable outlet  may need to be replaced.
4.  If there are outlets AFTER this one, and they look good, then there is either a problem with your TV, a problem with the cables running from the outlet to the TV, or in very rare cases, on of the legs of the splitter may be bad.

Common cause for Sparkles on Low Channels
If these are the only channels you are having problems with, it is usually a bad connector somewhere.
1.  First, make sure all of the cables from the outlet to the TV are secure.
2.  If this did not fix the problem...... you actually might have a bad barrel on the back of the TV.
3.  If this is happening to ALL of your TVs, you may have a bad splitter, or it may be an outside problem.

Why does every TV in my house have a horizontal bar that moves up the screen?
The problem is most likely caused by a cable wire somewhere running too close to electricity.  Check for cable that is wire tied to the main electrical feed for the house on the outside or running over top of the electrical box in the basement.

Do all TVs in the house need to have digital or can some get analog cable?
The "digital" part is actually done by an converter box.  In order to receive digital Tier channels, you have to have a converter.

Why does my digital cable look fuzzy?
Your digital box outputs a very nice picture, and if for some reason it looks bad on your TV, its usually just a loose connector or bad wire between your cable box and your TV (this includes VCR's, etc).

Of Course, there is always the possibility that your TV is not good or a connector on the TV or digital box may be bad.

Do not place cable boxes in an un-vented area or let the venting slots fill up with dirt and or lint.

Don't place the box directly on top of another electrical equipment including your TV.  It needs a air circulation to avoid overheating.
Digital Cable Help:
If you have digital cable you can download a user guide to using your interactive guide for your digital receiver box here.

To reboot a digital box:
Turn the box "off" and remove AC power plug from wall socket and wait 30 seconds to a minute. Plug back into the wall socket. Box will "do its own thing" and power itself  "on" after the cycle has been successful (30-60 seconds). The program guide will take several minutes to re-set).

Remote Control Help:
Always make sure that when you are trying to change the channel that the SAT/CBL button is the button that flashes red when using the remote.  If its not push the SAT/CBL button at the top of the remote before using the channel up and down keys.

If you have a SERVICE CALL and your problem is not cable system related:
Fine tuning of Televisions, DVD Players, VCR's or any other non-cable television set problems may result in a service charge.  Inside wiring is the responsibility of the customer and is defined as wiring that begins at a demarcation point of 12 inches outside a customer's home extending to the connection on the back of the cable receiver or television set.  A monthly charge will be assessed for any work to inside wiring ordered by the customer.
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